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Update 4: Clan Avalon

As you guys have seen now with the first opening hours of beta every boss is ridiculously harder. And now aggy a boss our clan has kill 100+ times can no longer kill him even with 30+ toons on and 10+ lvl 120 healers using 2 tanks and a mage with all lures 40/35 This is why I made such a fuss about ...

Fashion POLL!!!

What kinda of fashion do you like more? The individual piece kind where you can mix and match gloves, boots, hats, pants and bp Or The single slot transformation charm fashion? I myself like the single slot transformation charms, but can understand why people like the customization of the individual...

Re: To dogma

Hehehe nice find I always love seeing things with Dogma in them :D
Thanks for the pic!


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