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A fix for chaos damage and aoe

Here's an idea, how about if the aura of chaos or what ever it is goes away whenever Mordris is not up? Kinda like the evil aura in the server goes away once the mighty dragon has fallen. That way most people will live through the grind and lvling under the power of Mordris hoping for the day to ove...

Re: Update 4: Clan Avalon

Notice that the only people argueing with the *lawdog* dude are Avalon people themselves. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: Cheers 8-) :lol: alrighty then. How about the only non-Avalon Morrigan beta tester weighs in on this? Yea, I play on Morrigan. Yeah, I think it sucks that most of the server is outgeare...

Re: Dear OTM: Sigils?

OTM nerfed them because too many people bought them and used the skills classes have for a free tick or two so to speak. I myself have 1300 hp sigils and 1500 mp sigils. The nerfing doesn't effect me as I am full everything in 2 ticks but for the people that drastically need sigils to work the way t...

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