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Same so far I did well 90% in english and 92% and 95% in social studies be confident :D I'm scared af for math grade study for 4 days!


So how did you guys like the midterms if you took it today or the week before this week is the day of the midterms and I am scared af with asian parents if I did good enough for their expectations xD

Cruel Knife

I have tried to find a cruel knife for my alt but when I try farm it I come up with nothing did they remove it for my game or does it not drop in dustwither or lirs anymore?

Re: Bring back event mount shops?

No prices should remain the same, reaper rings are still 750k in the lux shop lol. They brought back old chest items, they brought back old shop lux, why not bring back old shop mounts? I disagree if this happen it will wipe out the mount token mounts and will definitely ruin that update for everyo...

Re: Bring back event mount shops?

I definitely think this could work but with adjustments in prices in the days before items at that time costing 1 million are equivalent to 4 million today. The legacy shop like in the sewer is a nice idea, but there must be a sharp increase in price or the mounts that we used today will be wiped ou...

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