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Re: Support Rogues of CH

Shivahh wrote:
Chaotic wrote:cg shop armour looks flashy but isn't realistic as edl is far superior at all bosses(for melee) with dhiothu being the only exception

Thats just the value, as far as combat i use edl

Eyyyyy that’s cheating man Lololl

Re: Support Rogues of CH

Pre dg, stay tuned for dg stats https://i.postimg.cc/Mpxwgh4t/7-BC2576-D-6-C8-B-4269-9-DAF-C20-C6-C0-E3-B37.png https://i.postimg.cc/jSXTTMYT/7-C0-DA100-B240-4924-889-C-E51-F06-ADD142.png https://i.postimg.cc/jdyKgs8L/FB188978-4-D86-4800-8558-89693-AC306-C7.png Nice man can I ask what you have diff...

Support Rogues of CH

Hello everyone just wanted to create this so we can all compare stats across servers and help each other on what works best, also maybe create a support rogue group chat line/kit/discord maybe? Dex: 3390 Cunning: 7020 Expose: 3191 Smoke: 2268 Poison weps : 237 Helm: Shadow helm of bones +150 dex (mo...

Re: Top clan and Server

Server: Taranis, No top/dom clan System: works under “Taranis United” TU Server rules are voted on by all players under TU. Earning gear: TU uses rolling system but some clans use dkp after rolls. Activity: down all bosses together Lix prices: All lix 800-1k Haste’s 3k Sigs 8k All new players welcom...

Re: Full support?

RegulusBlack wrote:Looking to create a LINE app group chat for support rogues of all servers if anyone’s interested PM me :)

Or add my LINE: Dillanx

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