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Re: Awakening the Kser kings!

i post rarely.. maybe less than rarely.. this argument/discussion has gone on a long time.. we are no closer to an agreement than when we started this months ago.. but here's my perspective.. there's been many o' clan in Rosmerta that has risen to the top.. and none have achieved this by watching ot...

Re: New dagger *pic*

But you want it better than frozen? or faster? or what? if every single event boss has to drop better and better gear, then where is it headed? i actually think limiting some of the gear abilities is a good thing as it forces us to work together. is it a bummer that the dagger or any of them aren't ...

Re: New dagger *pic*

New Weapons are interesting. Maybe not great for Mr. 150.. BUT, there's ZERO level restriction, purely strength. You could wield the dagger or axe at level 50 (?) someone do the math... and totally destroy things. You can't use quartz til 60, diamond til 80, frozen til 125.. obsidian i don't remembe...

Re: Copper Goblet Drop

i have seen most red PH drop the goblet... i have a couple actually.. gave one away..

gem red ph all have chance to drop any goblet..

wolf seems to drop more frequently to me.. doomclaw actually drops remnants.. so anything is possilbe..

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