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[Completed] Server Restart: Sunday, Feb. 24th, 2019 at 9:20 AM BKK (2:20 AM GMT)

Greeting Heroes! The servers are back online and you may log in again! We are restarting the servers to fix the current server issues at the following times: 9:20 AM BKK - Sunday, Feb. 24th 2:20 AM GMT - Sunday, Feb. 24th 18:20 PM PST - Saturday, Feb. 23rd Downtime is expected to take less than 15 m...

Re: Cannot connect to server

Edit: The team is reporting the issue as resolved, however I have created a stickied thread in Bug Reports for those who may still be experiencing this problem. If you are still experiencing trouble logging in, please reply to the above thread so our team can identify any undiscovered issues. Thanks!

Re: N00b Plat Question

Hi Maddict, welcome to Celtic Heroes and the Forums!

The first thing I did on my druid with Platinum is bought some inventory expansions, and Mystery Chests (I opened a couple and got nothing good), then sold the rest to buy some luxury gear which helped a whole lot during leveling!

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