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Re: Account Conflict PW

If you haven’t already I’d suggest emailing support@onethumbmobile.com. There have been quite a few players with an account conflict problem. It may take them a few days to get to your reply, especially since it’s Friday and they aren’t in the office over the weekend, but they should get back with ...

Re: About the reindeer pet

The Festive Reindeer will always exist in the Everfrost Mystery Chests, but those chests will not always be available for purchase in the Premium Shop. To clarify, we are not removing the Festive Reindeer from the game or the Everfrost Mystery Chests after Yuletide. Even if you open a Everfrost Myst...

Re: Vote: Band or Line?

This has been moved to Off-Topic because it doesn't relate to Celtic Heroes. Please be mindful that you are posting in the correct section when starting new discussions.

Thank you and Happy Holidays!

BTW, I prefer Band for group-related discussions and Line for more 1-on-1.

Re: Mince Pie

If it isn't making you more festive, then perhaps it is not working as intended. :lol:

This recipe was from a previous Yuletide, but it doesn't appear all that useful other than to eat.

Re: Rules

The discussion of banned accounts, actions taken by our moderators on the forums or actions taken by our Support Team in-game are not appropriate topics of discussion. See our Forum Rules & Guidelines . Your friend can submit an appeal to appeals@onethumbmobile.com if they believe this action is...

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