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Celebrate Friendship This Weekend With Bonus Experience & Gold!

They say Celtic Heroes is better with friends, so we're celebrating this Valentine's Day weekend with a new event! For a limited time, all bonus gold and experience rates while in a party will be DOUBLED ! Friends (or clans) who slay together, stay together! How Party Bonus is determined: Players in...

Re: Double platinum

Hello, Our Double Platinum sales occur only a few times a year and are announced shortly before the sale begins. While we aren't ready to share the details of the next sale, we will post the news on all of our official channels so make sure to follow us and check back regularly to get the latest new...

Re: Dino Event

Please always remember to be civil and to not direct your replies towards an individual and only the the topic of discussion. I see a lot of gate-keeping and making up of superficial rules to dismiss opinions because they differ from other's. Everyone has the right to comment and participate in thes...

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