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Re: My Motives

Rebirth wrote:Your signature is funny. You brought your own downfall upon yourself, through your immature actions.

WHO SPENDS $2,000 ON ONE GAME?!?!?! JEEZ... That's your fault BazetteWraith... :roll:

Re: My Motives

You know Bazette, I see you as all 3 of those people in that clip. The one cop who was shot down because of a stupid mistake, BazetteWraith. The one, two face, with his life falling apart, also because of stupid mistakes, BazetteWraith. And finally, the Joker. A fool. One who does with out thinking....

Re: For all who don't know...

Well i try not to do that, only if i tell them what really happened and keep bugging is when i tell the story, besides, usaully i say mauled by a tiger or ninjas/samuri since im Chinese. And thanks for all your kind words, usaully i have nagging people who are rude about it, even adults so im glad ...

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