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Re: Legendary PH slayer

Lol friddo ya herne full of em. Most are in other endgame clan and there feeders but yes a few in ours, but we all know who they are and just kinda deal with them. The ones always whispering you or many times even whisper my friends/alts not knowing I would get an ss of it. Btw tims my clanny and g...

Re: Gelebron

Definitely not one u play on ahhhh so you think nooby herne will win :lol: i heard from a herne guy on beta its one of the worst servers :roll: Worst as in punishing and unmerciful yes I can where someone in beta would have said that. Herne would eat you up and spit you back to the castle where the...

Re: Future of Poison damage

Swarm is not divine damage, or else it would do no damage to non chaos mobs :roll: It's divine and poison, that's why it works on chaos mobs that only take divine dmg ;) Skills like these should not be categorized as divine or poison, it's a type of damage that's not factored into resists so it's c...

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