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Re: Welcome to Hell. Is it such a bad place? Documentary. #1

I personally play herne only because of the people. I love all the people in my clan no homo and it's a fun and entertaining social environment. Even when we were being unfathomable on by incestion's monopolyzing ways I still played just bc it was fun to chill with clannies been playing with for 4 y...

Re: Trying to copy me.

Aerdou aka Klip wrote:
xxgetproxx wrote:Tech, don't try and bull **** your way out, ik for a fact your chong bong or how ever you spell your name...how i know you ask? think hard and long..

Chongbong has 2 children. Tech never Talked about kids or if he had any.

If you were breaking TOS would you tell the whole world about it?

Re: Grief

lastknight wrote:Lol wait till next week if otm won't help stop the guy ksing us when we lix we are at all war ks every one that lix that's not in our clan

What has otm ever done to stop ksing? Target lock? Lol. Good idea ks more people to waste your own time and make more of us ks u!!!

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