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Re: Halt!!

Not going to lie, it's been crazy but personally don't mind. Probably because there's zero comp, but we haven't capitalised on gele as much as I would have liked. These types of events are nice in small doses. (Still would have preferred a week-long version with 12 or so hour timers instead). Everb...

Re: Halt!!

I would like to see carrowmore carnage be extended to all bosses, just a complete carnage event, completely destroying any clans chance to monopolise bosses. It would be intense though. +1... Carrowmore carnage... Otherworld carnage... Stonevale Carnage... Murky Carnage... Dustwither Catacacombs Ca...

Re: Halt!!

I like the event 2x gold. Awesome!!!
I also like the boss event, but i cant participate because im low lvl. Cool!!!

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