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Re: t8 dps skill

The buff was 20 slash 200 divine to 40 slash 250 divine I believe They said they would buff the skill as it sucked in beta. Did about 1500 dmg to chaos mobs Not sure if you actually mean mobs as opposed to a boss, if you do you should know that chaos mobs have divine resistance. Does like 1-2k on m...

Re: Too slow paced

Some time ago I suggested that the game needs to be more fast paced, I was surprised that it got 0 or little comments. What I mean by slow paced is the combat, 100% of things to do in CH involves combat and just imo its too slow and quite dull to watch and honestly makes me not interested in playin...

Re: Fearsome Foe Competition - Win unique fashion!

Arkhamasylum wrote:To staff, is there any more point doing this challange? Will prizes and everything still be awarded and will this event continue as normal? Ive got an entry on the way was just asking wether there is a point in it anymore.

^This. As there is no more staff who is going to vote for competition lol.

Re: DPS Warrior question for OTM

For frenzy to last longer it would need a nerf imo to atleast bring it in line with steady aim. Also casting frenzy once a min doesn’t lose you dps smh...it is literally the strongest buff in the game by far and cast time is faster than poison weaps and possibly ranger buffs also, not 100% on last ...

DPS Warrior question for OTM

It's been brought up numerous times in Gen Discussions but I thought I'd ought to bring it here. Does OTM have any intention on implementing some of the things us DPS warriors have been asking for? Frenzy lasting longer (recasting every minute is a pain and loss of dps), Shatter lasting longer for l...

Re: Fearsome Foe Competition - Win unique fashion!

Foe: Alator the Exiled, Level: 220 (or 225). Designed for 35-45 players. Rage Timer: 20min Alator the Exiled was once a highly respected god of war who fought alongside the heroes of Dal Riata against the forces of Crom. He slayed hundreds of thousands of Crom’s minions and believed himself worthy o...

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