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Re: Best class and why

i think each class has its pros and cons. i really like my druid, even if its hard to level him. rogues, rangers could level much quicker. If u get to the higher lvl mobs, and need to group up, u will find out that all classes are needed. the main thing is, that the guy who play a class, should know...

Another Way of scamming

Well Long Time ago i lend my clanmate a icelord dagger. At that Time i got an offer of 80000 Gold to sell it. But i lend it Worgenmax to Level his rogue. Then he took a Break, wasnt online and our Clan merged into Prime and i left Prime. Now as i See him again, he told me, that he got scammed. But t...

Re: Silverleaf set... Is it worth it?

in older days u get the silverleav from boss-drops in the combs. should be same now. if i where u, i would save money for things that gave energy regen or have much better stats. but up to u. u should level to arround 30 and then get a group to clean out combs, thats what i did to get woven silverle...

Re: Prime

i am a druid... druids are for heals, not for damage. i played my drood this way...

but u seem not to need druids and so this thing is over. i wont answer in this topic again.

u think ur right, and thats fine for me.

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