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Re: Thoughts on lix ks'ers

Back in the day, before update 3 (Otherwoeld) no one really used xp lixes. To level up to 50-90 was still a grind but most players didnt find it necesaary to lix up. Once upon a time, OTM actually said that the true purpose of xp lixes is to enable some players to catch up to their friends if they ...

Re: iPhone 4s

If you haven't already, go to settings, turn on fast terrain, fast graphics, reduce draw and detail distance. Other than that, the game is probably only going to get laggier as the updates come

Re: Need druids!

Lol you don't think so? The only thing warriors can do is tank. We can pull aggro, (heals pull massively, DOT does as well. I'm always the one walking a boss) and calm others to reach the same effect. And warriors can't tank anything without us. We can also deal out massive damage with just 1-4 ski...

Re: Drop rate of bounty bag hats?

How about not giving no-trade haste lixes to mages and Druids? Either make the game smart enough to reward by class or stop making them no trade. Otherwise it's a ridiculous waste of time. I feel like I always get hastes. Does anyone actually think through the game mechanics in this game? It doesn'...

Re: 210 6* event

This boss still hasn't died on taranis.. Both the big clans still think it's glitched and waste of time.. We tried after it was nerfed and still didn't get very far with the 40k heals every 45 seconds.. thats kind of sad, android has been killing it for a long time, and in a fast time as well. so i...

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