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Re: Recommended server?

I'm on Morrigan. Server transferred here a couple years ago after I had been on Gwydion. Super knowledge = 4k, the price rarely varies, also they're very common here Heroic Hastes = 2k+, I don't buy them but from what I know, they are pretty scarce Health/Energy lixes = 1k max Super Combination = 8-...

Re: Class balance

DarkDruid67-Taranis wrote:Like I've said before
-Make vines insta cast and do dmg on hit
-Make swarm insta cast and do dmg on hit
-Reduce storm touch cooldown by half

Also might I add, decrease swarm energy cost significantly

Re: Class balance

tbh the complaints are a bit excessive. Druid was my first high level main, back in carrow update. Reached 190 faster than most warriors, rangers, and mages in terms of bars/lix. Definitely much cheaper too. Yeah dps can be an issue, but if you're choosing to dps that's your choice to focus on an a...

Re: New Class Guides

Zyz wrote:Well the dmg skills for a druid got a slight buff to them but nothing crazy so the druid guide wouldn't really need to be fixed. It might drop lixing by 1 lix.

Yeah I didn't notice much of a change

Re: Warning

Everything wrote:
Rebirth wrote:None of these are a problem as long as you use common sense

Congrats on being that guy.

Thanks, I try

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