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Re: What’s next?

Tadaaah wrote:During the wait, there will be events and competitions. We're currently looking at creating a schedule.

That’s great! About how long will this wait be?

#BringBackReducedTimersOnProt&Gele :D :lol: :lol:

What’s next?

So, we know by now the engines old and it needs to be updated because IOS doesn’t allow updates on the old engine. We know this will take weeks,months, maybe a year etc. But what’s in place from now till then? Will there be more mini events(#BringBackReducedTimersOnProt&Gele)?Will there be more ...

Re: HeroesAge

Will Virtual Releams now create content for the Thai version as well as the Celtic Heroes version? - Will Celtic Heroes receive features from the Thai version anytime soon? - What distinct differences will be made in both game versions (I'm sure Thai people are used to different kind of playstyle, ...

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