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Re: Sorry but this is trash I think all tanks and rangers should be reimbursed for lixes while at gele during crash

Wow...so sad lol...only 1 Lix, stop crying. VR already said they will give lixs as an apology for the server issues. Don’t expect servers to always be up..back when Otm owned CH, servers went down continuously..nothing different now. It’s sad how people can find any topic to complain about :lol: .Do...

Re: Dragon Alert!!

Corrupt wrote:
Banzai416 wrote:
Corrupt wrote:Void moon doesn't exist in the loot tables

Pretty sure it does but the probability for it to drop is extremely low, why would dark and shadow moon helms exist but not void? Btw does any server have a void earth?

Void earth has dropped. An old OTM member confirmed

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