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Re: Herne players, Introduce yourselves.

So, since I haven't done this I guess I should introduce myself as a member of the world of Herne? The name of my main character is Angmar Reid. I'm a level 100 Warrior thats still trying to figure out how to play as a Warrior. Lol. I am a particular fan of the Sacred Watch fashion and hope to work ...

Re: Fearsome Foe Competition - Win unique fashion!

My Character's Name: Angmar Reid World: Herne Foe's name: Snow Demon Dragons. In Celtic mythology they are the symbols of power and wisdom. They stand beside the gods, and may guard portals to the Otherworld. But this is no ordinary dragon. It has become something evil. The Snow Demon is a creature ...

Re: Gameplay or Graphics

As much as I love a game with good graphics, whats the point of it if the gameplay sucks? Probably why Shovel Knight is so popular. Hehe. Old graphics but heard its fun to play.

But Celtic Heroes is a jewel in the dust. Good graphics, good gameplay, good quests, and for the most part good people.

Re: Any Musicians here?

Probably way too late to say this, but Ive played the piano for... 5, 6 years? Something like that, anyway... Never been strapped to classical, though. Hehe. Im a fantasy and Celtic-style lass. Which is why Im teaching myself how to play the tin whistle. Lost my key of D so Im adapting to my C. :D

Re: Hi i'm rayci

As far as I know Herne has no clan conflicts... and we have a decent number of players. Met some really cool people there, and that have helped me a lot when I was brand new. :)

Re: Hi, have some questions.

Im only level 56 and a half and have been playing almost a month... but thats with a busy time schedule and only being able to play an hour a day and not playing at all another day. Rogues are probably the main character in Herne (the world Im currently in), and then Mages. I agree with the post abo...

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