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Re: Celtic Heroes Character Art

This is Sly Shadow's request: His Ranger riding his mount with his trusty pet baby moose at his side. :D Who cares if moose aren't in the game? We can dream, can't we? And, personally, I think its adorable! https://s8.postimg.cc/v56ouqqrp/Image_from_i_OS-8.jpg I hope that you like it, Sly Shadow. Th...

Re: Celtic Heroes Character Art

Perfect! :D (got it to it pretty well for avatar, score!) Great! Im glad you like it and that you got it to fit! Oh amazing job! It looks great, you're going to have to do everyone now ;) Oh. Part of me hopes not everyone . Id have people waiting a week before I could even start theirs. :lol:

Re: Celtic Heroes Character Art

Here is the first drawing! This is Mindreader, requested by Mind. Thank you for your cooperation, patience, and having me draw this! :D And thanks for the challenge to draw someone with blue hair and golden skin for the first time. :lol: https://s8.postimg.cc/sagkkhiid/Image_from_i_OS-6.jpg

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