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Re: Spirit Pets

Idk... I feel that spirit is the "premium" mount and phoenix/dragon/seedling are "premium" pet If we were to get spirit pets, then the next logical step would be chest battlemounts and I feel that's kinda overkill. Edit: I feel that phoenix/dragon/seedling are OP enough, I don't...

Re: What is going on with Dino?

AssasinatorCH wrote:Idk how to quote people for responses...

There should be a little button reading “quote” at the bottom of every message. Or you can type

[ quote=“Player’sName” ] Player’s message [ /quote ]

Just without the spaces in the brackets, if that makes any sense ;)

Re: [Spoilers] Thoughts on Endgame

Loved it, thought it was great. I’m not a very big Avengers fan, so I was surprised I actually enjoyed it. Most 3-hour movies are like “When is it going to end?!” But this was by far way better than I expected. There were a few moments that were cheesy/unrealistic but in my opinion the pros beat the...

Re: Pets & Mounts

Yes, there has already been a topic about “fash” for mounts (and I think pets too). Then we talked about different classes of armor: light, medium, and heavy. This would definitely make mounts more personal and fitting for your tastes and classes (if you want your horse in heavy, stalwart armor to m...

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