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Re: The real reason behind reset

Release bounty helm drop rate from bounty bags or riots will fill the streets of Farage Castle! :D Might be challenging to take rioters wearing pink fairy wings seriously. are you insinuating something wrong with wearing Pink? Hmmmmm? Nah. Guys just look funny when they try to look like girlie fair...

Re: Celtic heroes movie

ShynxofHerne wrote:A new celtic heroes movie will be going into production. Sneak peaks and trailers coming soon! Voice acting will be included!!

Saw this on the Danu Band. Looks great! Can’t wait to see it! Any idea how long it will be?

Re: Celtic heroes movie

I’m kinda imaging it being like The Hangover, with Bob, Criminal, Swee and Eragon trying to work out what went wrong after over doing the lixes. I don’t think Crim would lower himself to hang out with those noobs You may want to lay off the lixes my dude, you are starting to sound as crazy as what ...

A Bite for Bowen Fishing Quest

I’ve never fished much. So I can’t tell if this is a glitch or if I’m just missing something... wanted to ask the community before I report it as a glitch (if it hasn’t been already). I’m trying to complete the “A Bite for Bowen” fishing quest. It says to give James Sandford 3 Whiting and “a pinch o...

Re: Any Airsoft Players Out There?

Sure thing! Oh no! Did it hurt much? lol, there’s a reason we use more rubber bbs now. It doesn't actually hurt as much as u think it would, it's more like a sting but goes away pretty much instantly. Those guns look pretty cool and not what I was imagining, was thinking something like a nerf gun l...

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