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Re: What are your hobbies?

Goodness lol, what can't you do? I can’t dance, ride roller coasters, neatly do my hair, do decent at PvP, bake without getting flour all over the place, cook a sausage without making a mess, carve wood, paint with watercolors... I love to play golf, such a relaxing game to play and is really fun w...

What are your hobbies?

You guys already know I love to draw and foamsmith, but I also enjoy dabbling in a little music. I can play the piano and the tin whistle. Writing is another hobby of mine! I love to write and am currently working on two books.

What are some things you all enjoy doing?

Re: CH Art Requests

Not sure we celebrate thanks giving here so idk when that is but sure that'd be cool...or cool beans as u say lol. Was thinking I'd like a profile photo of my main for the forums. Again I've got the image in my mind so it won't be a static one or anything I can replicate on a screenshot in CH but i...

Re: CH Art Requests

This is the drawing requested by Romeo. He’s really gonna kick butt fighting the goblin king with his trusty tiger by his side! :D https://i.postimg.cc/h48G9D0F/36307-B5-C-21-A0-48-C9-A5-FF-3-C04-B2-A530-A8.jpg Thank you so much for your patience Romeo. I really enjoyed drawing this for you! Just b...

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