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Re: Hello

Danu can sell for about 35K I believe. Imo that’s very cheap compared to Herne’s 60K. But there is a server that sells for only 25k... I don’t remember which

Re: Rampant Raiders Bounty

Yeah I believe there are also some Connachts in Lirs Reach at the entrance of Shalemont Ravine and in Fingal’s Cave (the next area you probably discovered after Shalemont). Probably should check there if you haven’t already. If you still can’t find them, should probably check settings and be sure th...

Re: Changing Names

Okay so theres an easy way to fool proof this. Name history that lasts for a year Old name cannot be taken Shows a numbered ID next to your name, unique to every toon. Like some said ( ) of old name until a year later it goes away and should be enough to have people get used to you So much more thi...

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