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Re: Could next update have PvP?

Hey I've had an idea on pvp. I know that normal pvp and clanvclan has been montioned but I've had an idea I have not seen or heard of. How about worldvworld lol? People could sign up on a pvp server under their worlds name and could battle against other worlds. The scoring could work like this:(any ...

Re: Gwydions first 50!

Hey admin can you merge gwydon with sulis please?
The highest level here is 53 and join second is 51 with me in 3rd at 50(havnt updated signiture)
There isn't enough people it's empty!!!!!!
Please would love to actually have someone to talk to!

Re: Major update

For achievements we could have things like:
Items gained:975
Items purchased:31
Gold looted:40975
Experience gained:52000

Just a thought but would really like to see it !!!

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