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Re: Ranger Bows

Sturdy bronze war bow
This bow gives a the bearer a higher chance to hit
Piercing damage 31
Attack 10
Other stats same as sturdy war bow

Re: Announcements

Re: Update by admin » Wed Jul 27, 2011 5:46 pm This update will pave the way nicely for mounts and pvp in the future, the enemies you face will have skills and spells at their disposal, and some will be riding the horses, however you won't be able to ride the horse just yet - you can fight and kill ...

Re: Announcements

Re: Update
by admin » Wed Jul 27, 2011 5:30 pm
Shalemont Ravine enemies are between levels 30 - 60, Stonevale has level 50 - 80 enemies.
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Need feedback

Ok so I have 2 Ideas for the game. Here's the first one: Every 24hours you get a chance to play a game called "the gods caskets." upon arriving at Celtic heroes you are asked if you would like to play the gods caskets. If you click the "Not now" button the game will load straight...


so this morning I was selling stuff to the trader in catacombs. I was currently selling things in the weapon slot. When I had finished I went to the armour to sell some crap I had in there. Then I realised that the following items were missing: Plate helm Embossed plate breastplate Hammered plate gr...

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