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Re: What level is your rogue?

dudezzy wrote:i agree with pj. I only see two or three level 50 four or five stars a day when i am camping for exp. It took me three hours of constant camping to get my exp up one tenth of the way.
Dudezzy, 61 rogue

My point exactly.

Would like to know if admin can check out their accounts ;)

What level is your rogue?

Hi guys, I know the leaderboards are goin to be released with the update but just out of curiosity, I want to know what level the rogues are in this game. At the moment I am half way to 61. I may be the highest but I'm not sure. In Sulis we have two level 60 rogues and the next is at 58. Sooo...what...

Re: Making life hard for druids

I am on sulis and I do this...a lot. I afk in the avatars room but am not selfish with the spawn. I back away from the spot enough so I can get the spawn when it appears, but also enough for someone to stand between me and the spawn. I also do not care if people steal spawns from me as I am already ...

Re: Lux Items

Like you said, that amulet thingy looks sweet so I'll get that, a berserker helm, new best weps and a decent shield and I cn afford it all :)

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