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Re: Update 3- Beta pics

Too bad you didn't get the swirling vortex on top of the temple. That is my favorite part of the new temple. I love the new particle effects in the beta. Even something as simple as seeing the smoke coming up from the fires adds a lot to the feel of the game. Hey yea I didn't post that because I wa...

Re: Are Winterking and Icelord weapons coming back next year

I wonder if they will come back and new bigger bosses in new area's will drop better weapons, like you say infinity, upgradable ones - maybe the glow one from the sneak preview video of update 3? Hey that weapon that admin used was just an average broadsword but with added glowy effects, which prob...

Update 3- Beta pics

Just putting a few out there to start off :) will edit and post more! http://i1242.photobucket.com/albums/gg526/LordDragoonII/e99178a1.jpg http://i1242.photobucket.com/albums/gg526/LordDragoonII/4f912caa.jpg http://i1242.photobucket.com/albums/gg526/LordDragoonII/9673e2f0.jpg http://i1242.photobucke...

Re: AFK - Update 3 Issues

H3ro, what your saying is quite ridiculous. Your saying you should be able to get paid and given exp for really doing nothing, while your off sleeping, eating etc. You know nothing in life comes free, and it shouldn't in a game either.

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