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Re: How to win a fight

In the update meteoric will own. The coding has been changed so now your skills take the amount of time that your weapon uses to attack. Example: meteoric dagger will make your attack skill's casting times 1950 and WK will make it 4900. This gives meteoric a massive advantage. The one positive point...

Re: will pots be in pvp?

Simple answer: No. No items are allowed to be used when in pvp. It would give people too many unfair advantages over others; causing a lot of the community to most likely be quite annoyed... If you enter pvp in the arena or just a duel the effects of an elixer or potion you may be using will be stop...


Titanus 102 rogue
Nimue 100 rogue
Temujin 100 rogue
Ajantiz 101 warrior
Asesino 99 rogue
Nitocris 100 ranger
Silvering 96 Druid

Some of the best from my world, would make a pretty sweet team!

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