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Anyone else run out of energy while on a heroic energy lix in eg? How do you fix this issue without resto spam and points in foc?

Re: CG Inaugurational Tournament

Throughout history great empires have celebrated historic events with games or contests. To celebrate the historic opening of the Corrupred Gardens I, Michael Artisan (in association with Artisan Entertainment LLC), will be holding a Contest of Champions. All on the server are welcome to compete. &...

Re: Dps warrior guide

Corrupt wrote:
Calamity wrote:I would like to see a comprehensive warrior dps guide since we do not have one!

what sort? Ultimate dps or more general

Ultimate dps meaning full dps warrior? Yes yes yes yes please!

Re: Open Beta?

We've moved the date of the Open Beta to allow us a better time frame to implement Closed Beta feedback. While we don't have a set date quite yet I'll be keeping the community updated as information is available. Lol, you guys don't do something when you say? So surprised! Or we could not implement...

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