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Re: #bringmuldarback

I doubt Muldar would want to move to thailand to continuing working for this company. He's probably frustrated to be without a job but for someone with his awesome skillset I hope he finds a better job soon. He deserves it after all the work he put in here :) Dont need to be in Thailand to work for...

Re: Endgame Axe Warrior With Questions

Hello everyone, I've recently gone back and fourth about 6 times about being a tank until I finally came to the realization that it will be a waste of my time lol. Anyhow, I decided to stick with being a DPS axe warrior. Currently in Epona (the server I'm from), I am getting close to becoming one o...

One more pet... please?

Would really love to see a cat pet added to the game. We have dogs, bunnies, wolfs, spiders, bears, etc most of which are common household pets (excluding bears and wolfs) so why dont we have a cat pet? Is otm a cat hating company? (Unlikely, no one can resist a cat ._.) The cats would clearly add d...

Re: Energy

Apples-Bele wrote:Happens to any class, nothing you can do other than use energy consumables, get a bunny or stand away every min or so to use sigs. Maybe with high energy mordi helm its better

Currently have a dark duellist and still run into this problem, however it takes longer to run out.

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