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Re: Global Auction House

I’ll use an example of Void Gele weapons that are in high demand , but often don’t drop in the 3 years it has been out. Let’s say the average number of void tier Gele weapons on all servers is 8 (actual numbers could be higher or lesser) If someone on a smaller server had a void tier weapon and deci...

Re: Global Auction House

Huge -1 to this for reasons I’ve described in different posts.

In short: Based on how the game is ran and the intentional low drop rates of certain items, an implementation of this would devastate certain servers while others would greatly benefit.

Next Double Plat?

With Double Plat coming up this weekend at the near end of May, is this going to replace the typical Double Plat for Celtic Heroes’ anniversary in June?

It would definitely be nice knowledge to have on whether to buy it now or wait a month (if there’s going to be another event)

Re: Let’s play a game

Can anyone tell me what’s wrong with this picture? https://i.postimg.cc/xTgp37WP/20-EE0-E2-B-D372-4-B0-C-80-BF-4144529770-D0.jpg I honestly thought the problem was because the chat box was too far down. :oops: Off topic: Someone did recently post in a third-party app that trades done in Tavern migh...

Re: Global Tavern

I wouldn’t mind a cross server auction house in the tavern I wouldn't mind either, I think global trade would be a nice thing, and after an initial price shock everything would settle down and it would be beneficial for the game in the long run. My main point for supporting the castle over the tave...

Re: Havoc Downs Dino - Morrigan

Bigdiesel wrote:
Froze wrote:Is there going to be a “Havoc of Morrigan Dino Guide?” :?:

Froze stop begging ._.

Pfft it’s not begging. Some servers when they kill can either share that information with the community or keep it to themselves.

Just curious what route each server will take ;)


Gz guys, knew the dragon would be killed first day :D

How did you guys get pass the 5*s adds?

By the picture, it looks like you guys dragged the dragon North-East ish.

Did that allow you to offtank the 5*s adds and detonate them away from everyone? Or did you guys kill them?

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