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Re: Guild Question Plus advice

But I will take your advice I will try my best to work things out as long as they will meet me halfway because I'm willing to meet them halfway even though deep in my mind it's screaming leave unless they apologize, I know that will never happen. But I really appreciate your advice and I thank you ...

Re: Guild Question Plus advice

I’ll assume when you say “officer” you mean a guardian in clan. Coming from a guardian in my own clan, I would definitely say leaders have a responsibility to help those in clan and others to succeed in the game, but more importantly they’re also players like everyone else. In this particular scenar...

Re: Global Auction House

I agree. It wouldnt be fair to the players and clans who have spent years of they’re lives establishing them and working hard to make they’re systems ripped from them bc some ppl from another server came along and decided hey this place is pretty easy, lets take it over for ourselve As for the glob...

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