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Re: The BEST Dragon

480 points, gives you the option to rebirth and move points around. The crits while good on paper have yet to be proven. Different posts have said the crits are worthless. For 12 mil I had hoped for more damage from the dots, 130 is laughable. The near instant cast in nice.

Re: Games graphics

This is a nice idea. Keep in mind we generally have to run our graphics at the lowest setting for Gele or BT or suffer terrible lag. Hope the new engine will solve this.ขอบคุณมาก

Re: stinging storm

embrace is my favorite as a solo druid. cast your bark bless and embrace, vines swarm ls. renew embrace before it times out. nt at lvl 1 can't be interrupted btw. need time to heal? cast santuary, even at low lvl it gives you a chance to cast a heal or rebark. consider using a shield as you offhand,...

Re: Which support skills

keep in mind for wards even with no points and hot swapping aggy rings is still helpful if your short of points. ghosts at necro is the only one that requires max ward to be effective. abundance is my new favorite skill, it allows me to get a uninterrupted cast off. it was explained to me that at ma...

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