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Re: Golden candles

+1 to Lady's idea. you still have to work for it but its at least within your grasp eventually. I have farmed 3000 candles and only 3 golden since the event began. at this Rate I'd need to farm 15000 candles for a maybe 15 candles. Its a bit extreme.

Re: Best server/class

A dedicated druid healer as a main always in demand. Yes it’s a bit slower to level but gear is a bit easier to get, not many players to compete with as druid is not considered sexy by many. If you focus on dps skills you can level fairly quickly and can solo grind with ease

Re: Dragon Skill crits

Crit skills in general don't seems to proc any more often. A clan mate of mine maxed his crits and tested the number of crits with and without his dragon and godly crit rings from corrupted gardens for 500 hits. His results added up to Don't bother with it. The stats on the dragon sure look sexy, to...

Re: A druid can solar boss?

The adds are the key. You must go full dps , max bark bless embrace ls st. vines or bugs and the correct wards. it takes patience. buff up and keep them up, lose bark or ward and you're toast. clear a spot where less adds respawn. I've solo'd all OW bosses, Arcane floor bosses(for fun) edl gear offe...

Re: Server kill number 50 of Bloodthorn... still no helmet

40 players x .25 hours x 50 kills = 500 hours = zero helm. 200 drops 50% of them banked because they are not an upgrade. An example of a poorly thought out item, the druid strangling vines reduced cool down ring for a damage over time spell. Thanks for addressing our issues. We have high hopes that ...

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