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Re: Pegasus

I am not saying Alliance was perfect. It had so many flaws and most criticsm was justified. What I am saying is that pegasus is simply Alliance with a different name tag. Frankly a big part of the same playerbase, the same arrogant mindset and the same flaws. I guess in time you will understand wha...

Re: Pegasus

This post is about pegasus an explantion of our clan if you have any comments about how the server is running or should run go and make a new post :)

Re: Pegasus

The majority seem happy with the current system, they are happily downing bossing including bt and have an ease for gear over having to pay for or hope for good luck, if you dont like it thats fine you can go ahead and find people to dice with :) i think the reason why dice isnt working is becuz the...

Re: Class Advice

Imo dps classes will cost you gold, woth pots and lix etc Druids r a pain to lvl, easy, but SLOW and time consuming Mages- energy boost can be like an e lox Shield can be like hp lix and pots, save u from dying And incredible dmg, overall they r nice ( at higher lvls u will need partners imo ) Warri...

Re: New to Lugh

Economy is bad

People r great


Pegasus capable of killing bosses on spawn
Gele on day of spawn
Bt, 2 kills so far :) and more to come after new year

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Gear distribution is voted by leaders based off players’ activity

Lvl req 150 there can be exceptions

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