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Re: Jewelry Advice For lvl 179 Ranger

now mate. i gotta be straight with ya. the lux fr a ranger is so cheap, that if u think its expensive ur not a ranger your a peasant... after all it is only 1.4mill for good lux. like i make that in a week. just play it hard, profit and give it your all. ull do fine mate. kendrick out... Lmao only ...

Re: Is using an emulator to play the game against terms n condition?

Out of curiosity ...are there third party add on’s that are legal? Like for instance what we use in WoW? Oh you mean *wide eyed innocent face* the likes of add ons like game gem? The types that helps boost speed on mounts and duplicate items? ? Oh noes totally legit since we have champions of chick...

Re: Good luck otm

What you fail to realize that is that the 2012 lvl 220+ players arent a majority of the player base, so people like me wont really care about stuff that people like you care about

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