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Re: Help on leveling :)

Hello ! Xp lix on fairies level 90-140-190 during summer event. Xp per kill averages 120kxp-450kxp. Extra time on lix after kill use in ow. I gained over 28 levels since summer event off faeries. I'm now level 112 almost 113 and it seems easy to level.

Re: Fan fiction Competition

Weary Eyed Warrior Once upon a time a misfortune warrior awoke in a Kingdom famously known as Lirs... His eyes gently peel themselves apart as if some magical enchantment had been cast upon them. The warrior finds himself on his back with the sun to his face. A faint but pungent aroma all to familia...

Re: Read This

I like to spread positive vibes. I love the new update, enjoy the beautiful graphics, and remain a loyal meat shield to all those on Danu who seek me out! Hope to see you soon online!

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