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A Gentle Yet Sobering Reminder.

I harken back to March 1, 2012. Sony Online servers for Everquest Next on the PS2 went offline forever leaving a player like myself who’d been playing since 2006 feeling shocked. After all, I was a part of an active guild with active players on what seemed to be a active server. Perhaps one of the m...

It Puts The Lotion On Its Skin Or Else It Gets The Hose Again.

Please indulge me fellow MMORPG enthusiasts, for I desire Celtic Heroes to expand beyond our wildest expectation. I want Celtic Heroes to not only be my “go to” mobile MMORPG. I want it to be the largest and most expansive MMO ever released on Mobile devices. That said, I’ll cast my dreams aside, an...

Give me good and plenty! Infinite gold sourcing in 2018!

By now most of the active player base have swollen accounts bursting at the seems with gold. For those who have yet to accomplish such gold hoarding feats without buying plat and selling chests (get rich quick), here is a strategy for you. First, come to understand your auction house economy by rese...

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