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Re: What Happened To Avalon

Dang that really sucks! I looked up to this clan and was gonna ask Ail for some clan advice since this is my favorite endgame clan. I hope things turn around for the better and that thet are all doing well in rl.


Legend69 wrote:BrightLight from Nuada at your service ;)

Hey there! I think I've seen Nirvaiana and Constella in Shalemont. Welcome to the forums!

Nuada's Clans

I am new to the server along with some close friends of mine. We made a clan called Art of War and we are tryng to make a system that combines all the goods of each system together and avoid the bads. I am very curious to learn about each of the clans here and how they operate. - Clan name? - Clan l...

Re: Hopes for Corrupted Gardens?

I'm hoping for a new armour quest that is in between edl and doch gul. I love the stat point adds from Doch Gul but I'm not willing to give up skill points, armor, or resistance adds from EDL(Also want the dmg on the armour to be poison dmg). Also hoping there will be daggers that are in between Voi...

Re: discord

The Line app has always worked great for me and everyone I know uses it so I see no reason to switch. Plus I have some very specific stickers I love that I would hate to part with. :)

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