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Re: OTM, throw the poor DPS druids a bone and let us settle an argument.

Druids are easy to level imo. I used stinging swarm, strangling vines, lightning strike, storm touch, shield bark, and natures touch. I know alot use wind but I never saw a need for it. Gear wise I would use a sun ammy, dps spider charm, aggy bracers or better, skill rings(aggy, samhain event rings,...

Re: Buying Rogue Gear!

What should we do if the Asian chick pops up? Should we ask her if she's selling a reaper ring? :lol: Fk it might as well. This server is so dead at the moment. Selling or buying stuff in the buy sell chat group is tedious when you hardly get any responses even though there is 100+ ppl in it. Gonna...

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