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Re: FIFA World Cup 2018

Uruguay, portugal and Argentina are my fav. Teams.

I don’t want Brazil, Spain or Germany to win it.

I like how Croatia, and Belgium is playing. I am also the type of person that roots for the underdogs.
So go Croatia!

Hala Madrid!

Next big update

Hello team and community, I don’t want to jump the gun or sound desperate, but when in the next big update for celtic heroes? I know we just got CG, but for me it was not a breakthrough to keep me playing. Unfortunately, I have only logged like 3 or 4 times since the update. I really love the game, ...

Re: Please elaborate

Well, to say they'll all spawn in an hour isn't exactly correct either... it's just kinda what it amounts to for the way the code works... But to answer your questions directly, it will try again after some time. Oh so you’ve basically shortened the amount of time required for a legacy to be “due” ...

Re: Halt!!

It’s been more than half a year since they did a Carrow Carnage or any event with reduced spawn time on bosses..1-2 weekends dedicated to bosses isn’t too much lol I get the stress on competitive servers ...you lose some, your win some. Just log and help and if you win, awesome. If not...its not th...

Re: Corrupted Garden Mob Drops

Only seen lure of fire/ice so far.. no ward rings either. Disappointing They’re pretty rare drops so we don’t know if there are ward rings or not. There are definitely lure rings Was confirmed, no ward rings and no lure rings (other than fire and ice). We asked for them to change it in closed and o...

Re: Tadaaah Lead Us!

Proteus Prime wrote:Erm, they will reply in whatever language you use..........if you look at the reviews on the asia version a english review gets an english reply.

What is the highest player lv in the game?

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