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Re: So when is OTM back?

You know what, I think they should play their own game so they can understand whats going on from the players point of view. And for heavens sake pay more attention to your players . I understand that at the end of the day its about making money. But they are your money. Not bad mouthing otm but fr...

Re: ZombieArmy

Stop whining JB, it doesn't need to be all over the bloody forums. Just use the mail system in the bloody game. Send a message to the clan leaders. I don't want to continually read this. This is the most idiotic post I've seen so far pestillence, why complain that you don't want to read this? Lol t...

Re: A point of wealth...

Mord cave mobs r a good source of income. Enchanted wyrmclaw sells 10k to vendor, other bosses such as the sv ones drop 1-2k per kill. Then of course there is the other option of farming the hurkhurst mobs and sell the chests for XX amount

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