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Re: For a better Arawn

Lupophis wrote:I think shes jetho tull from balor lmao hes always shouting in castle. does every server have someone like this?

On belenus there was an Ameliana about a week ago, lvl 100+ druid that always shouted weird stuff I couldn't understand and just seemed a bit crazy

Re: Farming.

3.5-4k defence and tier 1 bunny pet should keep you alive at boggans reasonably well, so max fast reflexes. For bracelets aggy dex/fast reflex/cunning or defence/cunning hrung braces could work. And rings paradai qs/riposte or plain alchemical rings. If willing to invest some gold into it as well, p...

Re: Sharp Shot or Sharpen Weapons?

During boss battles? Both Ok yeah thats obviously prefered................. but i have limited skill points I use light heal, bolas, double shot, rapid shot and sharp shot, all of which are lvl 45 (with double shot and bolas being 42) with bonuses from edl armour. My steady aim is lvl 40 but i hots...

Re: Sword warrior?

Sword speed on haste is 1.7% quicker but bow physicial dmg is 2.7% more. Slash and Pierce lure are both based on Fire magic so it's pretty equal. But with sword you have to swap to axe/blunt (as well as a rupture ring/brace if want it max) to use rupture, with bow you don't have to swap to spear to ...

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