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3 questions about level lock

Do a full group of level lock players lock at 10% or 15% damage? Does the damage you have to do to lock start to increase after 10 levels above the enemy? Like level 200 has to do x Damage to lock on necro and a level 201 has to do x+5%? And so on. Does it increase by 0.5% damage each level above 20...

Re: world with best items market

Taranis has a nice market. Nothing goes for too over the top and im generally happy with our economy rn. Tried xfering to some other servers, from what ive seen prices here are up to 4× cheaper than the last server I visited. Epona has the best market, the OP has been answered real answer is belenu...

Questions about Barbed Shot

Is barbed shot worth using if you have the skill points? (Assuming already use sharp shot, double shot, steady aim, sharpen weapons at max) Is it worth using on a raid or edl 6* if no expose weakness? Should I use when Edl offhand skill active (8.2k attack unlixed) or would I lose too much dps from ...

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