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Re: Dino since last patch

That’s what makes the raid fun. It changes things up fast. Things can go from good to bad in an instant without the proper precautions. What proper precaution can u take with a offtank being teleported? Or all dps that only effects a certain type off add that explodes and wipes everyone with 800k a...

Re: Griefing at Dino

Ventius wrote:
Apples-Bele wrote:easiest raid in the game to grief is also available to lvl 1 alt accounts lol
if comp made 30 lvl 1 toons it works out in the dom clans favour as dino will tp those lvl 1 toons before the lvl 220 dps toons

Or they can trigger dino continuously before start so more orbs are spawned

Re: Added BT Loot

That’s also an option. But then....what are the chances? No it istn an option cus rangers get sharpshot and rogues get quickstrike so we need pummel. No more idiotic feedback please if u dont play dps warriors (not u artisan). Rangers also get long shot and rogues also get ss (and sneaky on other g...

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