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I mailed items

Hello OTM admins I accidentally mail important items to the wrong account. I was trying to mail items to my alt called twin blade but I didn’t read who it was actually going to. My account name is diiaamond level 65 mage on Rhiannon. My alt is a level 6 rogue

New Player

hello, my name is diaamond and i am a level 96 warrior i am looking for someone to chill with on Rhionan, I am logged in right now and in the castle.

Re: farming shadowstrike

Shadow strike drops 5x less frequently than other books. On average you will get 30 other books for each shadow strike. On average it takes about 50 4* kills per book. So after killing 1500 4* mobs you have a 70% chance of at least one book. I've farmed about 60 shadow tomes so far so I'm pretty con...

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