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Re: Rogue advice for 150+ lixing

I have some questions I want all of you end game rogues to answer :- -Wyldshrine amulet of the sun or Stargem necklace of the StormCaller? -Wyldshrine bracelets or Stargem bracelets? -Strength or dexterity for my level? -Full ancient beastbone, frozen or earthstone to lix? -What rings to use to leve...

Rogue advice for 150+ lixing

Hello guys, I have just turned level 150 on my rogue and I need your help to efficiently solo level till 190 (I intend to be a snorri locker) . I am currently using super combination elixirs to level. I want to get at-least a level per lix . My current stats, skills and gears are as follows:- STATS:...

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