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Re: Price check

Dark wrote:Average cost of (health-energy sigils, chests, idols, restos, super/hero sks, hastes, dragon eggs) please post the server you’re on

Herne server:

Sigs: 10-20k each box
Resto: 250-500g each
Idols: 50-200g each
Sks: 4k
Chests: 50-90k
Hastes: 4-6k
Dragon eggs: 1-3m

Re: My acc is blocked. Help !

Idk if otm read support and iknow its holidays. But I asked for an acc who has been banned (Nerared) cuz i wanted to sell acc (i was stupid) I would like to know if i can this acc unbanned or get it back cuz some one have delete it or otm did idk. Ty Ps: sorry for my english and hello from france !...

Re: Is Fishing Profitable?

Ive had multable people on bele say they can make 300k every few hrs at endgame fishing Personally im not a fan, by the time youbget max fishing you could train a eg toon But if you already got eg toon ,-, Make another one lol, i have all classes eg and lockers And if you got all classes eg and loc...

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