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Re: Working for OTM?

But for now I hope this overview helps, this industry is very obscure to most, and require a lot of dedication and talent to be able to make it into your first job. Woah, thank you for the huge input! Yea it's not easy, for example regarding the Art positions, I often visit other forums such as Pol...

Re: Foreshadowing?

Tadaaah wrote:Some of us are from Asia.

Yup, that's why I thought: "The Sea Is A Good Place To Think Of The Future"
Meant: "The South East Asia is A Good Place To Think Of The Future"


Re: Concentration Rings

Their use is to equip them when you about to log out of game so when you log back in you have max concentration ready to be used and as you use it you will replace the rings back with fishing power ones again until next time. Lol that's one interesting way to use them, never thought of it. But yeah...

Re: Foreshadowing?

Muldar wrote:Far more boring than theorized unfortunately...

Damn, all this time I thought in your signature Sea (or SEA) were meant for South East Asia, lol

And since I heard OTM is from Asia or something, thought it made sense

Re: Fishing Vortex

bloodheart99 wrote:if any more question just ask :)

Thank you Blood! c:

Could please point me out the locations of Vortex in Lir's and Fingals please?
a picture would be helpful but if not possible give me "near this, near that" directions please, as accurate as possible so I don't miss it xD

Fishing Vortex

Excuse me, I began to fish at Carrow and I caught a fish from the vortex, I read somewhere on this forums that those are for the quest, I've got few questions: - What's the vortex spawn time? - How long does it take for it to vanish? - Does it spawn only in Carrow? Side question, is the +35 Fishing ...

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