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Re: Question for high level fishers regarding ability points

So lately I’ve been trying to level up my fishing. Currently I am level 116, my ability is at 706 though. I want to level up my cooking after I hit 170+. Is it worth it to use all those ability elixers? Fishing Ability increases your concentration, and apparently decreases the chances of dealing no...

Fishing Spot Question

So as far as I know there are three fishing spots level 180 and above: Lir's, Fingal's, Carrow. My question is, is there a difference between those three? in terms of loot from fishing, does Carrow has the best drop rate on stuff? or are they all the same? because if they're the same thing why would...

Golden Carp Dish?

The Golden Carps caught from fishing the Rippling Vortex (185) have a description that sounds like it can be used to make a dish / food, if it is, where do I get such recipe? (I'm lvl 170 cooking), they're worth 5k each so I thought I should ask about this before thinking about vendoring them.

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